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21 April 2009

Someone needs to kiss Susan Boyle

I'm a bit perturbed by this Susan Boyle extravaganza. In case you're not one of the 100 million people who have seen her performance on the UK's "Britain's Got Talent", you can check it out here. She's a quirky Scottish lady who comes on Simon Cowell's stage to the very open snickers and smirks of the gussied-up, cloned, drones in the house. "How dare this homely woman think she has anything of value to offer? Let us make sport of her"

Then she BELTS out a song from Les Miserable. Shock and Awe fill the room. An Internet phenomenon in born. Amazing that something this beautiful can come out of something that... ... ... WAIT A MINUTE. Why exactly are we reacting this way? Are we really that far gone down the superficial road that we've been lulled into a place where we're literally surprised that something of value can come from someone who doesn't fit into our pretty mythical box that we're all scrambling for position inside?

The next argument is, "Well sure she can sing... but she'll never be A STAR. How do we market THAT"? Can she be a star? Who cares!! I hope Susan Boyle goes home full of self-worth, finds a great job doing something she loves (whether it's singing or not) and gets her first kiss. I hope she lives her own life... in her way. I learned something years ago about "talent". A good friend of mine prophesied something very important over me that I took to heart. He said,

"Embrace Obscurity"

I bemoan the lack of personality in the church. For quite a number of years, I somewhat resigned myself to the fact that Christendom just didn't come with the quirky, quick-witted, loose-lipped, free-spirited dimwits that I'd come to love in the world (since I was one of them). And it kept me from wanting to join the club. But God is Bigger and more important than any church or personal shortcoming so I signed up... and smiled politely.

My suspicions were confirmed that The Church looked a certain way. Christian TV and Radio sounded a certain way. Preaching followed a certain method. The successful Christians spoke and dressed a certain way. Tried and True. Snickers... get thee behind me.

When you're learning to "Embrace Obscurity" you're learning to worship WHOLLY with what you have been given... YOU. You're learning to be comfortable in your own skin. You're learning to use your talents to fully live the life YOU'VE been given in humility instead of trying to cram another body onto a perilous ledge over a selfish abyss. In embracing obscurity, I'm learning how to use to my "nitwittedness" gifting to make the people I care about happy. To spur others on to love and good deeds. And it feels good to be ME doing it. It's more than GOOD. It feels RIGHT because I'm using WHAT God gave HOW he wants it used.

If we can do this... The Church will can be something beautiful. Creative. FULL of many different flavors of worship. And maybe if we'd all have the courage to be who we really are... Susan Boyle would have had people stop and take notice of this thing God put inside her years ago. We wouldn't have to be shocked. She'd just be Susan... the valuable person right from the start.

I hope that someone sees Susun's beauty... and kisses her good and hard. That's worth more than a recording deal. Now... if you'll excuse me... I'm going to eat a plate of food with my face and shriek like a taradactil in public.

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