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2 April 2009

Stop it! Bob Newhart says so.

I'll readily admit that compassion is not my default setting. If you know me, this information is not much of a surprise. I'm not cold (although some feel like I am) ... I just think that we, societally, are chronic whiners. And when you goo and gush over ever little ailment... it cheapens the actual act of compassion to those who really need it.

com·pas·sion (kəm-pāsh'ən)
"Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it"


I think we've been coddled and stroked as a response to the slightest degree of discomfort so frequently... many people (who should simply know better) believe themselves to be damaged goods. This, to me, is an injustice to society brought on by misused compassion. It can blur our own discernment between what is legitimately unjust... and what is just the wacky stuff that happens in life... that we're SUPPOSED to find uncomfortable and just get over without whining!

"My Dad didn't hug me... so I eat 18 buckets of chicken a day"

"I don't like the smell of hospitals. Death creeps me out. Grandma will be fine without me"

"The church didn't bake me a pie for the 5th anniversary of my parrot's death... so they're hypocrites. I'll just watch Huntley Street and have fellowship with Polly II. He SO loves the Lord"

I'm sure he does.
I'm sure that's what Paul had in mind.
Suck it up Princess.
This is a fantastic Mad TV sketch with one of my comic heroes Bob Newhart.

Understand me... this does NOT apply to everything and everybody. But sweet Jesus it applies to a barrow-load of beetabega more situations than it's used in right now.

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Patti said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. LOL

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