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21 April 2009

Swing low sweet chariot

You wouldn't believe the number of people who've sung this over the years. Krissy's out at prayer tonight so I've been home watching the ballgame, trying to find the best version of this song since it got stuck in my head.

It's a wonderful old song to sing. So open to interpretation too. There were a couple of folksy old-county coolies from Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash that were pretty good. One that I really liked was this Southern Smooth Styled version from Sam Cooke.

Believe it or not... the one that stuck out in my head was a version from UB40 (yes you heard me) that was the theme to the 2003 World Cup of Rugby.

I'm a sucker for Euro-Sport theme music. Don't ask me why. But I found that to have a ton of soul.

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