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24 April 2009

The top ten things that I'm not blogging about today

Here are the top ten things that I'm not blogging about today:

10. My childhood baseball hero being a wiener.
9. Getting edited out of a National TV documentary.
8. This age of Glasnost.
7. Smoking, chewing and going with girls who do.
6. What in the world is going on in that Night Garden?
5. Now I'm thinking that the Lenny Dykstra story should be higher on this list... darn you Nails.
4. Head wear in the house of God.
3. Drapery.
2. How in the world to write a book.
1. Yeah... Lenny Dykstra again. But remember when he'd run through a brick wall to run down a ball?? Shoot.

Nope. Instead I'm going to transcribe some of the best lines from last night's "The Office". Why? Because they are all waaay funnier than that list.

"Time to make the donuts"

"Your donuts make me go nuts"

"We got the van at an old car lot. We think it says alleluia church of Christ in Korean on it. It was either this or an old school bus with an owl living in it.
(To a Korean woman) Excuse me... it's a paper company now.... it's not for the church"

"You know what you'd like... if we built a loft"

"I would like you to crunch those numbers again.
It's a program... there is no crunching
Just crunch them."

"When a child gets behind the wheel of a car and runs into a tree, you don't blame the child. You blame the 30 year old woman who got in the passenger seat and said, 'drive kid, I trust you'"

"Did I ever tell you about the day that Steve Martin died?"

"Well well well... how the turntables...

"Our company is worth nothing... business is not about money to me. Our balls are in your court"


Jeff said...

Such a great episode last night. But I'm glad that Michael's back. It just wasn't the same at Dunder-Mifflin without him!

Pam Beesly: You didn't happen to bring any coffee, did you Michael?
Michael Scott: Milk and sugar! [passes back a thermos]
Pam Beesly: Oh, awesome. You're a life saver. [takes a sip] Wait is this just milk and sugar?
Michael Scott: That's what I said.
Pam Beesly: Do you drink this everyday?
Michael Scott: Every morning.

Dave Carrol said...

It was a gold level Office for sure. I'm happy the Michael Scott Paper company is gone too. Although I think it would have been funnier if other people had gone with him.

Maybe Kevin... or Kelly instead of Ryan.

Patti said...

I wish one could "quote" the facial expressions - they never stop!

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