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17 April 2009

What if Grace Kelly went out with Moe

I know you've always wondered this... since you're clearly exactly like me. Tonight... I finally get my answer.

It will be a little bit pearls... A little bit getting smacked in the skull by a 2x4.

A little bit nibbling on pastries and sipping tea. A little bit mashing pastries in your face.

A little bit kitten... a little bit pork-ee-pine.
Ah date night with Dave... pray for my wife... I beg of you.

If you're in Brantford... you should put on some fancy pants and check out Yes Church's "A Night in Old Hollywood" Fundraiser.

I'll be the MC and some of Brantford's finest vocalists will be singing some classic Hollywood music.


I'll be making my vocal debut. Yes it's true. After years and years of being painfully shy about my vocal gift (anyone laughing yet?) the spotlight FINALLY gets turns on my windpipe.

Yes... I'll be performing a song that I once sang in a Filipino karaoke bar to the blanks stares of many a 18 year old girl who just wanted the dorky man to sit down and for Ricky Martin's greatest hits to return.

Well I've been squirled away working. And tonight... oh tonight I shine.

Thankfully there are pros singing too.

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