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26 April 2009

The World could use a Cowboy?

Want proof that I think too much? I've been thinking about the lyrics of this country song by Adam Gregory called "The World could use a Cowboy". Right now when it comes on the radio, I typically say, "this is ridiculous... the world is done with cowboy's... the world needs diplomats and level headed..."

But is that true? Have I been subtly conned?

I've never been a big fan of Old Western Movies. The Duke was not my guy. But I've really enjoyed them lately. Half on an ironic level, but there are some super characters in the old west/ Hollywood sound-stages.

Last night I watched Yul Brynner as Chris in "The Magnificent Seven". My only reference for the movie was that the Cheers barflies used to sing the theme song when they would go off on a mission against Gary's Oldtime Tavern... but Yul was one cool cat. Lighting his cigar with a match struck on his boot... hiring guns for 20 bucks to fight for justice... bald cowboy.

If you haven't seen it... it's the 3 Amigos... only real. Famously at the end of the victorious battle for the poor farmer's freedom, Yul says about the victory, ""Only the farmers won. We lost. We always lose." Fightin' for justice. Good will win out at all cost gall dern it.

You know what? It's possible that the world does need more cowboys. There IS a right and wrong in the world. And we ARE suppose to fight (even to our own death) for what's right and the benefit of others. I think the problem has been when it's mercenaries who have selfishness as the motive... and narrow-thinking cowboys who deem anything different to be wrong. We need DISCERNING cowboys.

There are fences that need to be mended
There's a stray cut off from the herd
That needs to be defended By a lonely campfire
Underneath the stars He sings his sad songs
And strums his guitar I tell you what the world could use
Is a little John Wayne kind of attitude

The world could use a cowboy right about now
Run those bad guys right out of town
Round 'em up and hunt 'em down
The world could use a cowboy right about now

The world really could use people who, given their druthers, would sit and revel in the simple things... but are compelled to fight for others freedom because it's RIGHT. Gall dern it. Hmm... Dun dun datta dun...


Mike said...

Yep you can't beat Yul.

Valorosa said...

The Lord's a cowboy.

But really who prays for Him to intervene on world issues or even our national issues ... who really prays "effectively" at all anymore?

My question is where are all the righteous men whose fervent prayers avail much.

Thinking too much isn't so bad ... there are pills for it if it gets to be a problem. ;-)

Dave Carrol said...

Honestly... almost all I pray for are world/national/local/church issues.

I struggle to remember pray for people I know.

Valorosa said...

I really think we should be doing this in church, all together now.
I know you guys have your 24 hour prayer times and that's cool.

But THIS has been something in my heart and on my mind for a long time, but when I go to a church ... I drop in to differing ones here and there, there is no prayer for our leaders called for from the pulpit.
We are too introspective.
It shows ...

Our governing people need wisdom more than at any other time that I have personally experienced.

We needed it during WWII which I did not experience first hand ... our present day struggles are more insidious and I think even more dangerous than at any other time in our history.

It seems that fervent prayer among the righteous men is a 'responsibility' that is being taken lightly with the present peace of our country blinding us.

A Trojan Horse is here and with all the political correctness and the distancing of many of our younger generation from Christ ... in a couple of generations, we may not have Christian values governing our nation. There may no longer be freedom of religion in our land.

Two or more in agreement...

There are not many I've spoken to that take this to heart.

I had a vision many years ago.
I was standing in line to be guillotined. It was not apparent to me how old I was. In front of me stood a beautiful young girl about 15. At the time, I thought it was my oldest daughter ... she was 5 at the time. But she is 32 now and she has not had her own children yet.

Whether it be a grand daughter or a great grand daughter I will be alive when all this goes down if we don't pray fervently for our country and all the world.

My dreams have always been warnings to pray.

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