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19 May 2009


I ran out to the grocery store tonight to grab a 24 of Diet Pepsi and Nacho Flavored Buggles to snack on while watching the Jays game. I was, once again, confronted with a scene I've seen so many times before; in many degrees of familiarity. Alcoholism. I do not like this thing.

I was walking past the potted plants listening to a single father drop his son off at his part time grocery store gig. Even from a distance, I could smell the familiar smell of too much vodka for 6:30pm. I could also empathetically feel the embarrassment, shame, and hurt on the face of the son. Dad was talking far too loudly about how his son was getting chunky soup for lunch for the whole of next week, and that he HAD to choose what type before his shift started. He, in a defeated voice with eyes fixed on the sidewalk , selected the steak.

I happened to be in the express aisle in front of this Dad and watched him say somewhat inappropriate things to the young cashier, who awkward tried to find something to laugh along with. Anything to avoid the icky spirit that was hanging in the atmosphere. Dad smiled his way out the grocery store... oblivious to the social dynamics around him... to the rhythm of his own song.

I don't like it. I don't like what it does to it's victim. I don't like what it does to those who love the victim. It has a cyclical grip on generations of Canadians... and I don't like it. But I have learned to LOVE the people who are stuck in it's clutches. I have many personal stories... and have numerous (and continually developing) opinions on the place of alcohol in our culture/church... but that's not today's point. Today my heart just breaks for the rampant alcoholism that plagues families in my city and country.

"God... you're good and your love endures forever. I pray tonight that you brake the spirit of alcoholism in my city and land. You desire us ALL to be free. Thank you for rescuing me from slipping ignorantly into alcoholism. Help me be compassionate and show your love to those trapped in cycle of shame of hopelessness. Tonight Lord... I declare what's written on my shirt...

... in Jesus name"

Pray with me?


Whitepyro said...

We're you yourself and alcholic as a kid? What can you from your past say to do to help people change? Could this be a ministry for you??

Valorosa said...

God is Bigger ...

Reformed alcoholics are faith filled people ... more so than the average Joe. Their life depends on it.

AA is a very cool place.

Jaz said...

Without alcoholism treatment, these problems can often go undiagnosed; most alcoholics don’t ever seek treatment until they wind up in some major problem involving severe health problems

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