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16 May 2009


Krissy went out with a friend of ours tonight and (likely as an act of Pity :) she left me a movie that her and her husband watched and liked last night. It's a Genie award winning film called "Amal"

It's a movie with a concept that's not new. It's wealth and greed contrasted with poverty and generosity. It's an eccentric multi-millionaire attempting to give a simple rickshaw driver a fortune. Sort of.

Moreso, Amal is lovely picture of simple, humble, kindness in city life. It's unheralded. It's a life that most of us lead. It's tears and dirt and broken. And it's also contented, gentle and peaceful. I like the character Amal. Unless you are the Prince of Persia himself, you can't not like him... because he's just a nice average dude who does the right thing simply because it's right. I think we need to like guys like Amal. It's good for our souls to see them in action sometimes. Proof not only that there are good people "out there"... but evidence that we too can be "that guy".

The film is also a tangible slice of life in a Delhi India day. The sights and sounds are very pretty. Nasseeruddin Shah's character sings a rich, soulful song in a nightclub that caught me by surprise how much I enjoyed it.

Don't let, "Candian Film" scare you off... it's a picture worth watching and it made my Saturday Night.

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Valorosa said...

Thank you :-)

Mike said...

Thanks for the recommendation.

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