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31 May 2009

"Have fun storming the castle...

... think they'll live? It would take a miracle."

I often think about this clip Sunday mornings as we launch into a Freedom House session. There are high odds against a city being revolutionized to the point of being called "The City God". I get that. We all do. There is a way to go before "The City of God" is spoken out of a body of evidence instead of as a statement of faith.

And often... you can hear the Billy Crystal's sending you off to your death with a smile and patronizing support. But I know my enemy. People who don't believe in missions of faith... aren't really casting their dispersions on you. It's really the mission-maker they've got a bit of an issue with. And they're welcome to take it up with Him.

As for me and my house... we're headed somewhere. My handguide tells me that my enemy is not flesh and blood. The enemy of "Thy Kingdom Come" can be defeated with singing, speaking, dancing, believing, listening... and then doing what you're told. It's so crazy that it just... might... work. Do you know your enemy?

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1 comment:

Valorosa said...


A City of God?
In North America?

Do you really think so, Dave?

Self righteousness and proud spirits abound between the walls of the crippled NA church.
It's in yours as well.
How do you get rid of it?

Only the Lord can excise that and the ones being excised need to submit to that kind of pain.

Who really will?

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