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25 May 2009

Hip 2 be Holy

Just finished watching it... and it was excellent. A few quick thoughts:

  • Good on Kevin Newman for admitting that a largely secular media has ignored or misrepresented Canadian Evangelicals... and acting on it. Kevin if you're a Big Ear reader, my wife says "that's my Kevin".
  • Carey Nieuwhof from Connexus Church in Barrie did a wonderful job. And the great part of it is... that there are churches telling the same story, and people who think and speak similarly, all across our country.
  • I think that this was a wonderful piece of clip art showing a snippet of the life of MANY who rarely see themselves portrayed as sensible. I think it will nearly be an affirmation to some that there are others... and we're OK.
  • I'm happy that Faytene Kryskow's ministry was a part of the doc. She's a passionate girl doing great things in Canada.
  • I was at the night in downtown TO that opened up the doc... and Nate rocked the jungle drums that night :)
  • I look forward to seeing a Canadian documentary called "The Cities of God". The script is being written right now... in a city near you.

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