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28 May 2009

If there is one thing that I know...

... is that teens LOVE teaching about Old Testament ceremonial priest clothing.

I'm speaking at a youth rally in Wingham Ontario tomorrow night. Typically what I'll do is ask God for a direction... a word... a thing... something to begin praying into, researching, mulling over.

This time, I heard the word "Ephod". So I've being delving into the significance of this priestly garb for weeks now. It's actually very interesting...

“As long as the priest bore the names of Israel (which were written on the Ephod) before the Lord, He would not forget to be gracious to Israel. Thus, in effect, there was a kind of wordless intercessory prayer.

When you look at the fact that Jesus is now our High Priest, presenting us to His Father... it paints a very beautiful picture. I love the richness of wisdom and levels of revelation that can be found in the word of God. Just sitting there... waiting to be discovered by whoever wants to get closer to a fuller understanding of the man with the BIG plan.

Cartoon from David Hayward (Naked Pastor)

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