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13 May 2009


Originally uploaded by thelongbrake.
I've been thinking lately about the feeling of discontentment, longing, hoping, that we all feel a great majority of the time. I can personally think of only a handful of situations in life where the feeling fades.

Lost in the throes of passion...
Lost in Worship...
Lost in Aislin's smile...
Lost in late night theoretical discussions with friends...

...but it's quick. Satisfaction fleets like a whisper. Maybe it's better identified as the feeling of being incomplete. I DO know this, we all to try to unsuccessfully fill the feeling with something. Some things carnal. Some things spiritual. No matter how much tangible or spiritual wealth we have... we're rarely satisfied.

We Christians often jump on this and opportunistically use the "God shaped hole" argument to peddle Jesus as the cure-all remedy for longing.

Admission #1

Without Jesus... I can't even approach the ladder of understanding. I don't even begin the assent without Jesus as the building block of revelation.

Admission #2

Jesus is only the ticket on to the ladder. The climb is long and hard. It's filled with busted rungs. Missing planks. And it's so high you can't see the top.

Admission #3

Everyday practical life doesn't get easier with Jesus. People still die. Poverty still aches. Society still feels thin and cold.

Maybe that's why photographs with a feeling of loneliness and insignificance like Josh Longbrake's above resonate. I looked at it this morning and it intrigued me. Empty but Full. Broken but Hopeful.


Maybe we're not SUPPOSED to ever feel like we've "arrived". The Bible says we should be content in all seasons... yes. But maybe God knows we need only tastes of Holiness to beckon us closer to where He is.

"I guess we're all one phone call from our knees"
Matt Kearney'

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