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27 May 2009

The old apartment

"Each of us is a temple in whom God lives. God puts it this way. 'I'll live in them, move into them'"

Couple things God's been teaching me these days...

Grow up... act your age: In mature Christianity (as my friend Sam puts it) "we don't have rights, we have responsibilities".

The River of God is everywhere: One building... another building... couldn't matter less.

If you're thirsty... YOU have to COME and drink: "The hungry" only win if they satisfy that hunger. Context doesn't matter. If you need Him... go get Him. He's right there.

Move forward or die: Everything changes. No tangible thing, time, place, SPACE, is sacred. Objects , seasons, eras, appearances, are interchangeable... even disposable. God walks us forward to teach us more about Him. WE are sacred. Our callings. God's hope and power are communicated through US.

Without grace... we're screwed: Chances are the things we talk passionately about today... we'll look at differently in ten years because of where we've spent the last decade walking. Pride, arrogance and judgment will suffocate us. Our righteousness is equivalent to a menstrual cloth anyway. Grace is like a oxygen and without it... our words are shallow and empty.

Where we are right now... is just an apartment. Just a roof. Just a speck of time.
God MOVED into ME.

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