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14 May 2009

On 21 degree May days at 3:30pm...

... like today, the bell would ring, and I would bust home to catch the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings of the afternoon Cubs game. From Brantford Ontario, afternoons at Wrigley Field seemed just this side of heaven. Harry Caray was an unintentionally comedic yet undeniably charming, character delivering daily unforgettable moments like this.

I remember the game where Harry swore that San Fransisco Giant Kevin Mitchell caught a ball with his bare hand, when clearly... it was not the case. The highlight of May afternoons were always the 7th inning stretch when Harry would "sing" Take me out to the Ballgame... mostly consisting of a half-in-the-bag Carry waving a mic in the general direction of the topless Bud-Gulpers below.

It was a thing of obscure beauty. My wife and I NEARLY went to Wrigley for our honeymoon to see Harry sing. Sadly he passed in February '98 before we had the chance.

I'll say it again... baseball means little in the grand scheme of things. Tonight, I'm headed to a meeting about fighting human trafficking. But we can't ignore what makes us happy. We fight for other's freedom... so that they can be free to live, laugh and love too. I'm sitting in my fluorescent office this afternoon, listening to Ron Santo call an afternoon Cubs game... and it's peaceful. Puts me in a happy-place. And it's GOOD.

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