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9 May 2009

A picture of the church

Tonight I watched a young guy, dressed in full hip hop garb... singing the old hymn "Be thou my vision". Actually he was givin' 'er on Be Thou My Vision. And during those five minutes of worship... you could totally feel the Spirit of God in the house. Such a cool contrasting picture and a reminder that it's not about styles or cultural relevance even in the least.

God is God... period. I went over and prayed with him later and found out that he had just found God and accepted Jesus into his heart last week. The joy and excitement in his eyes hearing that God had plans designed just for him, was inspiring.

After, I went out in the parking lot and watched a group of wild prayer folk crammed in the back of a UHaul praying "fervently" for their cities. They are still going right now... 24/7... into the warm, damp night. Such a beautiful sound.

In all it's flaws and imperfections... I really do love the church. It's quite a picture to behold.

1 comment:

Valorosa said...

Hopefully no one will tell him he has to change his hip hop gear. ;-)

You are right .. she is wonderful, the Church, and she is everywhere ...

The bride of Christ with lamp trimmed and watching for her bridegroom.

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