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25 May 2009

That Christian I know

Tonight at 10pm, Global TV is airing a documentary called "Hip 2 be Holy". This is how they're promoting the show...

It all started when Global TV anchor Kevin Newman started noticing signs for Alpha (or as I call them... the smiley, happy, multiracial people holding hands) and wanting to find out what the modern Evangelical church looks like in Canada, because truthfully, many don't even know people like us exist.

So Karen Pinker (a very cool lady from 90th parallel productions) and one of her researchers set out to find out about Christians... and realized that they didn't know many. At least not the kind they were looking for. I got a phone call one night from a really good high school friend (the researcher) who I had recently reconnected with through Facebook. She told me about this project... and said that she wanted to hear about what Christianity looked like in my world. She had noticed, via Facebook and Blogs etc, that I was a Christian who actively lived a life that tried to show Jesus... so we talked. For hours. I got to tell her about why I accepted Jesus into my life... and why I care to make it public to the point of sharing it with others.

I became... "That Christian I know"
And it was really cool.

On and off for months, the producers of the film picked our brains about the who, what, where, when and how's of Christianity and the Evangelical Church in Canada. "
Fascinating", we heard numerous times. Cameras came to The Big Blue House for our Hawaiian Christmas Party Outreach as we filled our bar-church with sand and ham. They interviewed Brian, Sharlyss and me (dressed as Caribana Santa) about sharing Jesus with the families in our neighborhood.

Why us?
We were "Those Christians they knew"

I don't think we're actually seen in the doc. Much of our roll was in the research stage. They went on to focus the documentary on some very cool people like Nate Gerber (she tells me that they thank us in the credits :) but I, personally, have had a very important point reinforced to me through this process.

When people in your life go looking for God...
are you "that Christian they know?"

Do you live your life with Jesus out loud? Do you show Jesus with your actions? Your time? Your mouth? Can people see the fingerprints of God on your blog? If someone stalked your Facebook page, would they be able to tell that you were a follower of Christ? Not because you put on a false evangelic Christian facade or a goofy bumper sticker on your
Lada... but because you GENUINELY love God and others to the point where being with a Generous, Living, Speaking, Interactive God is good enough to share in every area of life?

You know, we don't really get a choice here. Well... that's not entirely true... you can choose a life of subtle, stifled, suffocating, dormant religion. Won't that be fun? You'll be sitting alone in a church building, organizing strawberry socials for one very soon. It was for freedom that Christ set us free... not just so WE can enjoy it ... but so EVERYONE can too.

I'm not totally sure it's "hip" to be Holy. It's not exactly a disposable trend. But life in Christ IS vibrant... and the growing number of Canadians who are being legit and loud about it IS inspiring.

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Dan King said...

Sorry to hear the pineapple santa with the one big ear didn't make it out of the edit room, but thanks for being a source of info for them mate! Hope you are well.



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