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12 June 2009

And now for no reason...

Please don't attempt to drink milk or soda while watching this literal version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" or horrible things will happen.

I thought about writing something insightful today... but between a worsening bout of the "can't sleeps" and getting ready to do a youth retreat this weekend... my brain's mush. And not like the nice pudding kinda mush. More like bread that's been left in a small cup of water for 3 days accidentally.

Thanks to Jesus Needs New PR for this linking this video. Also thanks to Jim Gaffingan for making that great routine about bacon. I also want to thank Hans Gruber for make John McLean mad all those years ago... that was so good for the rest of us.


Patti said...

Add coffee to the list of things not to drink while watching this. How on earth am I supposed to howl laughing in my office - in silence???

I LOVE this song, because I LAUGH every time I hear it. Spike and I have a whole picture that goes along with the audio - it involves a "Maxine" kind of woman, in an old bathrobe, cigarette hanging out of her mouth, vodka in hand....

Can't wait to show this to Spike. haha!!!

Dave Carrol said...

OH it's a scene for sure.

I laughed HARD it.

Belly laugh

Paul said...

That is priceless... and very funny!

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