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3 June 2009

The Conspiracy of Kindness

Kindness is a maniacal wildfire... if we choose to start it. Tonight I'm taking my youth group on our monthly RAK Attack. I threw some ideas out on Facebook and Twitter for dialogue about what we could do to show kindness to a city... in one hour... with a small group of teenagers.

I got this idea from a friend from high school:

What a cool idea eh? Encourages the business... encourages people who are being kind already... and keeps the cycle going! So we're doing that one thanks to a kindness-minded person's creativity. I also threw out the idea of bringing Thank-You cards and snacks to the police and firemen in the city but was looking for other suggestions about who works hard and could use a Thank-You too...

Amazing just how many of us ARE aware of the opportunities to be kind that sit right in front of our noses every day. Why is kindness a conspiracy? Because it's subversive and a little underground... but it's impact can barely be measured.

See Kindness is a life-breather. It puts wind in the sails of ships destined for greatness... but headed for destruction. It colors in the black and white lines of the "City of God" diagram. How could it happen you ask? Stop and think of what WOULD happen if people were kind to one another... ON PURPOSE. The atmosphere of a city WOULD change.

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