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19 June 2009

Kristina Lynn Carrol

She'll often say, "Why do you love me?" But the smile with which the question is asked has changed over the years. It used to be an insecure, unsure, quarter-mouthed question... asked because the answer was still a question. But now the smile is a wry fun smile. Half smart-alack... half princess waiting to be deservedly doted upon.

So I stop to think...
"Well??" she asks. "Out with it Carrol".

Finding AN answer isn't the hard part. Finding THE answer for the moment is pause-worthy. See there are many valid periphery reasons to declare my love for my love. Non of them are trite... and all of them would be reason enough. But when I use my Forever-Eyes I can see something more than the everyday. As one day melts into another I, an invited guest, watches my one-flesh evolve into something greater than the day before. She can calm my spirit with a word and send my heart racing with a look. How does a simpleton on a time line say what's a heart's really thinking?

I try to wax poetic... but words get in the way of what I really want to say. So I lean in and touch her hair. She playfully sighs, and with a goofy twinkle in her eyes that is intoxicatingly charming to me, she says, "Ahhh... you say it best when you say nothing at all".

Last night we laughed together in our poorly decorated, raggedy kitchen. I did the dishes while she cooked spicy shrimp pasta. We ate it while watching reruns of The Office. Then I fell asleep on her lap while she reveled in the people dancing on TV. It all felt... well.

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Lucy T said...

But when I use my Forever-Eyes I can see something more than the everyday -
I love that phrase of yours. I get it. I'm going to adopt it as a reminder to see things in the light of eternity. Thanks for that. Thanks for being a good witness of what marriage is to be. Thanks for the U2.

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