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5 June 2009


It's nice sometimes to find a nice place with nice people.
Sometimes nice feels better than deep.

Nice is still but not motionless.
It's a blurry eyed sunset and an empty mind waiting for the moment of it's choosing to get up and go to bed.
Nice means lots because it requires little.
Just stopping.
Not much happens in Nice...

...sitting... waiting... laughing... smiling...

It's pretty here.
Nice is relationship to Overbearing's religion.

Nice floats on an air mattress in a backyard pool listening to CCR, knowing a there's a party around the corner... and lazing your way over to your own drink instead.

But nice is a bedroom community.
There are whispers about those who choose to stay in Nice.
I like nice.
One day I look forward to settling down there.
Good schools... nice neighbors... low taxes.

But every time I try to look at a house listings, there something reminds me...
that Nice may be our destiny, and we're welcome to visit anytime...

... but the road to Nice isn't finished yet.

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