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29 June 2009

Saturday at Wonderland reminded me of 2 things

When I was a teenager driving up North with friends past endless rock faces, lakes and ditches, we used to play the game "If I drove off the road here... would I die?" I thought of that game as I was climbing the first hill of Canada's Wonderland's new roller coaster, "The Behemoth" on Saturday.

The answer... would be yes pretty much the whole way through as it's a 75 degree drop at 125 kilometers per hour... and it cost about 27 million dollars to make. I rode it twice (missing the Mercy Me concert to do it a 2nd time) and it officially surpassed Darien Lake's "Superman" as my favorite roller coaster.

I didn't always like roller coasters. In fact I used to REALLY hate them. When I was a kid, the wooden roller coasters that
shook you like a human being (veiled Kim Mitchell reference anyone?) and made you feel like you were going to fall out, freaked me out. Feeling the imminent death feeling was NOT that appealing. Go figure. But a friend taught me the secret to roller coasters when the new era of fast, smooth rides dawned. Just let go. It took me a while... but I finally learned this trick. Just let go. After that, I finally got what the POSITIVE rush that everyone raved about was!

As my wife and I were hurdling at break-neck speed together through the North Toronto dusk over the lights of the city... I was reminded of a couple of things.

Freedom is easy
Freedom is hard

It's as easy as choosing to let go. Freedom sits right in front of us waiting to be embraced and to liberate. But it's seemingly extremely difficult to do. I looked at the mass number of people milling about Wonderland and began to wonder what percentage were happy? How many people felt peace and satisfaction... and how many feel lonely and sad when then layed their head on their pillow? I'll hazard a guess that the latter far out-weighs the former.

Freedom doesn't have situational qualifications.

Some people feel OK about life during the "rush"moments but not the quiet ones. Some... the opposite. But I think the freedom to let go of control and trust that God has got ya strapped (or tucked) in... is further reaching than we think. Letting go works whether you're on a roller coaster or sitting alone in your bedroom at night. Both ends of the excitement spectrum are common in our lives and BOTH are necessary to make us rounded, free, effective people.

So Krissy and I through our hands up and embrace a bit of the abandon of freedom feeling on Saturday evening. It was wonderful.

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Hey! nice Blog.
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