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5 June 2009

So you think you can dance?

I've watched more dancing in my lifetime than any one man rightfully should. And believe it or not... I half know what I'm talking about because of it. Well... maybe a third.

My Aunt and Cousin ran a dance studio... so lots of my family were involved in dancing over of the years. My one cousin is actually an EXCELLENT professional dancer now. So I went to practices and recitals, and competitions. I watched my cousin and sister create lavish routines on our linoleum hallway and Grandma's basement... FOR FUN!! So now, each week my wife and sister Commandeer the TV for "Dancing with the vaguely recognizable" (as a comedian roasted last season) and "So you think you can dance".

I'll be honest. I hate watching it. But I do it for two reasons.

  • I love my wife and sister.
  • I enjoy mocking bad TV and Facebook and Twitter are GREAT places to share my pain

That was a direct "in tears" (surprise) quote. "All my ability was like born and raised in my bedroom. Like totally". I have witnesses. It all seems like a real life Zoolander playing out before my eyes.

Please don't get mad my dancin' family members. I know that it's not all like this. But come on now... these show are off-the-chart over-the-top.


Patti said...

Oh come on, it's not THAT bad, is it?

I just can't deal with the Australian host? emcee? You know -the one that is like, totally, their very best friend, and just loves them so totally, because they are like, awesome, K?

Dave Carrol said...

Patti I'm sure you've done the Jr High ministry tour. It's like watching pre-teen drama complete with the emotional roller coasters... the temper tantrums... the "oh my life is over!!!!" over reactions.

Hahaha... oh lord... I'm just discovered a whole new level to dislike this show.

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