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2 July 2009

As an over-thinker I think that busyness is one of the things that people over-think.

I really don't like it when people rail against busyness. It always seems like those are the people who don't do much, leaving the work for others.

Of course... I also don't like it when people's default answer to "How are you?" is "Busy". That's just dumb. It's sorta the worst kind of bragging... since it comes across as boasting and just because you're busy doesn't mean that what you're doing means much.

The other morning I went upstairs to wake up my son, and the first thing he told me was, "Daddy you have a busy day today". He proceeded to list off all the things that my day held in store. It kinda unsettled me wondering...

  • why did my son know my schedule so well and label it "busy". Had I become a whiny "I'm busy" guy?
  • maybe I really was just too busy

As an over-thinker I think that busyness is one of the things that people over-think.

This morning, after a busy day walking around our Canada Day Celebration in a giant, red, smokin' hot Captain Kindness costume for 9 hours and putting on 2 shows... I woke up thinking about my honeymoon almost 11 years ago at Patterson Kaye Lodge on a Lake in Muskoka.

We had both worked hard for 2 years nearly non-stop between school and summer jobs to get ready for the wedding, so when our honeymoon finally arrived, we were tired. Pooped. Cooked. So we did... nothing.

The weather was dull and rainy... glorious.

This morning I was remembering sitting on the screened porch staring at the rain hitting the water for hours. We talked some... ate a little... but mostly just sat. It was therapeutic. Totally hit the spot that week... and would today too.

But that wouldn't always be the case. More often than not however... doing nothing bores me. And we would never have felt the rest we did without WORK... and that can mean being BUSY too. God reminded me of this a few years ago when I was having a "burnt out" at the end of the day feeling. I had done my day job... had family time... preached at night. I asked him for rest.

He told me...


... and He gave me some good rest lying face down on the old cold floor of the Big Blue House that night.

Q: Is busyness bad?
A: Can be... but it's also good.

Q: Hmmm... so busyness is good?
A: Can be... but it can also be bad.

Q: Hmmm... So is balance the answer?
A: Sort of. But I think balance can imply our own control and management skills. You don't find freedom unless you let go first. I think it's more than that. I think that it's about understanding the season we're in and being restful and content in the middle of each one!

My feelings told me, "You're tired... go stare at a lake today". But that's not what God had in store for my day. He needed me to get up... thrive in my daily tasks... work... wrestle with Jared... and put on the Captain Kindness suit tonight at Harmony Square again! That's where rest will be found for this day. In obedience and submission.

I think it's about being able to breath and sleep in busyness. I think it's being able to be engaged and ready even in rest. More and more I think I'm learning that life is "Both And" ... not "Either Or".

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