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15 July 2009

The Global Glory of God

Rick Warren is on Twitter and has some terrific stuff goin' on today.

Everything in me jumps up and yells "Come on and preach it Mr Hawaiian shirt!" to this. I've also come to realize that Macro considerations like having the "Global Glory of God" as the asterisk in every-day decision making can be a burdensome size to people who are Micro-type folks. We DO need both.


....really. The story that God is writing, started by the whole earth being filled with his Glory. The ending is ALSO the whole earth being filled with his glory. The middle part is kinda Shakespearean in the fact that:

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,"

I used to be a Drama guy in High School. Being an egotistical teenager, I always wanted a big part (
or at least a really unique funny character who could steal the show). If I had to create one to have one... I would. When I became a Christian and realized the size, girth and excitement of the Great Commission... I wanted a big part too! I (like Shakespeare) soon learned that what we get is OUR PART. But "Our Part" BECOMES a "Big Part" when it's done on purpose, with intention and as an acknowledged, participating part of releasing the "Global Glory of God" together.


"The key to a life of impact is FOCUS! Many things aren't necessarily wrong-they just aren't necessary. So many talented people give 1st class allegiance to 2nd class causes that diffuse their energy, weaken impact & waste their lives It's distractions, not doing evil, that sideline most pastors.They lose focus. It's all about the Global Glory of God. Period"
Rick Warren

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1 comment:

Valorosa said...

How about sidelining the body in general.
Pastors are only part of the body ... what about the other parts?

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