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24 July 2009

A heaping spoonful of YouTube awesome sauce

There is something surprisingly moving and genuine about about these cool cats dancing their way down the aisle. Krissy teared up. She said, "You know what... it's awesome that they're doing this in a church"

I was once in a wedding party that came down the aisle to a laser show and the James Bond theme. I wish wacky weddings had been around when I was a kid... ... I don't know what that means.

I talk a lot, think a lot, pray a lot about city transformation. I really wish I hadn't wasted all that time, since this girl has some very... ummm... "comprehensive" solutions to share with her local city council.

Now... In other news, apparently Nutrigrain makes you feel great.

On behalf of neutered father's of 3 everywhere, the "babies everywhere" girl really FREAKS me out. Dave Letterman is as funny as he's ever been. Did you see him and Kevin Spacey talking about twitter this week?

Waste of time???


Anonymous said...

Actually it was the Mission Impossible theme song... not bond. LOVED the videos!

Dave Carrol said...

Shoot... that's right.

That still the only wedding I've been in (or at really) that did something truly different during the ceremony.

It's was awesome. I'll never forget your father in law's face when he saw it :)

Patti said...

Well that first wedding video made me cry too.

WHY??? I don't know.

But I love it!

Dave Carrol said...

It's interesting isn't it? My sister and I were discussing why yesterday... and I think it may be because they aren't amazing or polished...

the guys are pudgy normal dudes...

and it's just nice, respectful, fun and you can tell the people are just real.

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