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10 July 2009

How do we sleep when our beds are burning?

How do we sleep when our beds are burning?
Midnight Oil

Dear North American Church:

Our delusional fantasy of a "Somewhere else" utopia is the wasted daydream of the discontent. Everywhere is valuable. Everywhere is the same. Pick. Then pick up a shovel.

Our lack of willingness to work at, sacrifice for, and serve strategic revolutionary efforts in our own neighborhoods... should be disconcerting to us.

Our lack of understanding that the health of the soul supersedes the health of the body... should be unsettling to us.

The way that we, armed with salt spreaders, gaze mindless into the sky; divorcing ourselves irresponsibly from those slipping on the ice in front of our eyes... should feel unpleasant to us.

The way we allow judgment to triumph over mercy to those with big pools, big homes, big TV's, big SUV's, big salaries, big responsibility, big influence... and big burdens, doubts, insecurities, and needs too... should seem unbecoming to us.

The way we dismiss spiritual warfare in our land, then are lulled by the very spirits we're ignoring into missing the Mammoth mission field outside our doors is a viscous, horrifically-scary fact that others see and we don't. It needs to stop.

'It can be tempting to try and do something significant - but we are not called to significance, we are called to obedience'
~ Matt Redman

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