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20 July 2009

The Next Generation of Carrols

Carroll: Patronymic surname derives from the Gaelic cearbhaill, meaning "warlike champion" derived from cearbh, meaning "hacking."

Jared (Name meaning: To descend, descendant):

My son is a worshiper. We all are... but it's just what he's done quite without prompting for 5 plus years and counting. He'll come up to me and say, "Daddy, God is giving me a song. Can you help me write it out?" It's pretty beautiful what happens after that. I made him a worship blog yesterday to encourage him to write, play, sing and give what he's got in him to Jesus... and to encourage others so that he can live the, "Get Free, Live Free, Free Others" credo.

Whatever Jared chooses to do... it will be precise and excellent and extravagant worship.

Aislin (Name Meaning: Vision, Dream) :

Round these parts, she's known as "Princess Aislin". Family, friends, acquaintances... casual eavesdroppers have even picked up on it. She has the gooiest eyes around and can melt your heart with an Aislin-glance. But "Princess Aislin" is more than the what modern derogatory vernacular has deemed to the word "Princess" to be.

Princess -
a. A woman who is a ruler of a principality.
b. A woman who is a hereditary ruler; a queen.
c. A noblewoman of varying status or rank.

My Princess will steward God's unlimited kindness, compassion and love to those all those who need it. At first she'll bring home stray people to love on them... then one day, she'll distribute the wealth of nations with wisdom, discernment and freedom. She'll be the peacemaker because of her love of God and man. You just watch.

Brianna (Name meaning: Noble, strong, virtuous) :

She is a powerhouse with a sometimes mischievous grin. She's a gorgeous enigma who you can't take your eyes off of. I have no idea what this little wild and free chick is gonna do. But she's gonna do it like a confident hurricane with no fear.

My Mom laid a tough-road spiritual foundation for me. Because of it, Krissy and I were blessed to be able to lay some even STRONGER foundation for our children to grow on. They are gonna be Behemoth's in the Kingdom of God.

I see it everyday... and can't wait to see more. The redemption of my name for the glory of His Name is a beautiful thing to watch.

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