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26 July 2009

Nuggets from Freedom House today

Few excellent points/quotes from Freedom House this morning and Brian's talk about growing up in our attitude toward "The Church".

"We're not what we ought to be but then again, we're not what we used to be"

"The church is a whore... but she's my mother"
St Augustine

"If you find a perfect church, you'd better not join it or you'll ruin it"
"If you find a church full of hypocrites... join. You'll fit right in."

Brian read quite a bit out of Tony Campolo's "Letters to a Young Evangelical". Tony stirs people up from their slumber. I don't agree with everything he says or writes... but who cares. He always makes me stop and take notice of the points he makes and causes me to think, and that's a very very good thing.

This book is written to the young adult aged Christians across North America who are leaving the church in droves It's about why we don't really have a choice whether we're going to love the church or not and why they should (and are responsible to) be a part of it. Flaws, faults, whoring ways and all.

I know a guy who's Facebook "religion" is listed as... "I like Jesus but I hate His wife". It's funny and true of MANY. But frankly... it doesn't work like that. The Church is the bride. If you like me but treat my wife like crap... you're not likely to get a Christmas card from me.

Brian also pointed out just how much of the instruction to Christians about how to live are "Let US" things. It's the design. When we attempt usurp it because of our own pride, opinions and fleshy feelings... we're in the wrong and castrate our own ability to really understand what Jesus, Paul, Peter, Timothy et all really meant and intended for us.

I'm glad that St Augustine had the cohones to say, "The Church is a whore... but she's my mother". I'm thrilled to have a Freedom House to worship in. A place where I can eagerly engage God, our culture and our city with a house of hungry, passionate hypocrites and screw ups... since I know I fit right in. It's an ancient model that has powerful modern ramifications for the outplaying of GOOD!

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