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27 July 2009

Wandering aimlessly opening cupboards

My wife and the kids have gone away for a few days camping with my parents so I'm flying solo. There was a time where I'd relish days by myself. And now...

  • I wander around the house aimlessly opening cupboards and fridges hoping that some new amazing snack will suddenly appear.
  • I lay awake in bed making shadow puppets on the wall since there is no one to tell me that sleep would benefit me more than puppetry
  • I wake up at the exact same time as if I had a small girl hollering... "I peeeeeed!" In fact I can still hear them shouting.
  • I consider having a "party" but quickly realize that I'm 32... it's Monday...my friends are at home with kids... and I'm forbidden by Levitical Law to partake of the implements that used to make house parties even remotely fun.
  • I have inexplicable drastic reversals of tendency. I shut off all the lights, close the doors and blinds, and pants are optional. OK that last one is pretty normal.

I never notice just how much two become one more than when I'm apart from my wife. It's more than habitual social acclimatization. It's a spiritual union of body, soul and spirit. This is why marriage is so sacred.

Truth is... I'll be physically busy enough with life, church, friends and the like that I won't be bored without my wife. Don't cry for me Argentina. But nothing quite fits right or feels like "home" without her.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Yea. That "one flesh" thing really becomes clear when the other person is away.

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