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7 July 2009

What's on my ipod and why. What's on yours?

Last night I reloaded up my tiny 1GB ipod with a new music mix. In our era of unlimited music and memory, it's actually kinda a fun challenge to get JUST the perfect mix of music with the 8 albums or so that will fit on my ipod light.

Here's what I've gone with this time

1. Matt Kearney's "City of Black and White"
* I really dig Matt's music. His last record, "Nothing Left to Loose" was my favorite album of 2006. The scaled back and consumabley hip sound he's found is really unique. Listening to it make me feel cooler than I am.

2. Steve Miller Band's "Greatest Hits"
* Years ago I saw Steve Miller play at Canada's Wonderland. He'd play a song and I'd say, "Wow... that's his song too?"... and then another. And then another. When I scan around the radio dial while driving, I'm secretly always hoping to hear "The Joker".

3. U2's "No Line on the Horizon"
* When the first single was "Get on your Boots"... I was worried. What a mistake. I love the rest of the album. I think "I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight" will be the lasting song from this album for me. "The right to be ridiculous is something I hold dear". Me too.

4. Israel Houghton's "The Power of One"
* I like pretty much everything Israel comes out with. Dig the Lakewood worship stuff, loved the live in South Africa album... but this album is honestly not my favorite. 4 good tracks. But my wife loves it all. And I love her.

5. John Mayer's "Where the light is"
*I got on the John Mayer train late... but really... what a performer he is. This is one KILLER live album. Tom Petty's "Free Fallin", "Neon", "Why Georgia" are all just amazing live. I'm looking forward to my next long drive alone to just put this record on and enjoy the whole double disk

6. Paul Baloche's "The Writter's Collection"
* We sing quite a lot of Paul Baloche music at Freedom House... and he was actually recently in Brantford. He was saying that before the show, he and his team drove around the city and asked God about the spiritual climate and what they were called to do that night to help change it with their worship! Amazing. My son bought this album of his at the show.

Here comes the Free Music!

7. Phil Wickham's "Singalong"
* I love, love, love, this live acoustic worship album that Phil decided to give away to everyone. It's just a stripped down, honest night of worship in Portland last year. I had never heard of Phil before this but his music is just wonderful. On our Dominican holiday last summer... this is what the soundtrack was for me. This is a picture of me on the balcony waking up the first morning (earlier than a vacationer should) and just thanking God while listening to the song "Cannons". Download it here.

8. Coldplay's "Leftrightleftrightleft"
* It's free live album that Coldplay is giving away through their website as a "thank you to our fans". You're welcome. I always enjoy it when I hear other people listen to Coldplay and I think I really want to be a fan myself. I love "Fix You".

More free music I hope I can squeeze on the ipod...

I hadn't scanned through Noisetrade.com in a while to see what new free music I could discover. After a little digging, I found what seem to be some pretty cool worship albums... check 'em out.

So... what's on your ipod these days?
And why?


Jamie-Mae said...

purple 4th Generation 8GB iPod Nano with taylor swift and jesse mccartney and other

Rob Hall said...

Ipod, what's an ipod?

Cori-Beth said...

Don't own one... But, would like one!

Patti said...

Dust is on mine.

I bought it. Loaded it up. It died.

And we hate each other now.

It's a sad story, really.

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