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28 August 2009

Every man dies... not every man really lives.

I watched all of Braveheart during the down moments of the day today. I needed it. There are only 3 film moments ever produced that truly move me every time I've seen them... 2 are in Braveheart. It's quite simply one of the most inspirational movies ever made.

Without exaggeration...I remember walking out of Braveheart in theater back in the day, knowing that my life was somewhat changed by what I'd just seen. It's the best of what movies can be when it gives voice to (and motivates us towards) something true inside us.

"Every man dies... not every man really lives."
William Wallace

"I know you can fight but it's our wits that make us men"
Malcolm Wallace


lukewarmsteak said...

two are in braveheart... what's the third

Dave Carrol said...

Field of Dreams... playing catch scene at the end.


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