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6 August 2009

The Greatest Day I've Never Had

The window to my left was cracked just enough to let the lukewarm late spring breeze make my bedroom smell like the city. I wake up on my own, lying on my back... in my bed, fully rested. No alarms. No baby monitors. My wife's beside me still sleeping. She looks pretty, and since both of our morning breath smells like cinnamon, I kiss her. She smiles and keeps sleeping.

I turn on the TV to watch a half hour of The 3 Stooges. I then summon my Robot maid to bring me a cup of coffee. She asks me what I'd like for breakfast. I tell her that I have no idea but she should read my mind and make exactly what would be perfect. She's such a dear. My wife wakes up, quotes a Song of Solomon and we ...

.....half an hour later

We devour our bacon, eggs and hashbrowns cooked over a campfire... only to discover that I've lost 20lb in doing so! The children all awaken simultaneously, fully dressed and fed. We spend an hour together frolicking in perfect harmony. Overnight, my laboratory discovered and perfected teleportation so they are instantly sent to school. We go and sit out on our porch
(which now miraculously overlooks a lake) on lazy-boy chairs for a couple of hours... reading emails... talking about life... the news... God... kids... before our Robot Maid arrives with our Bullseye BBQ Burgers with jalapenos.

There is a full slate of baseball in the Major Leagues so we spend the afternoon ballpark hopping (
thanks to the teleportation device) while blogging about which park has the finest sausage and nachos in America. We arrive home an hour and a half before the kids get home from school... just long enough for a nap on the couch to the sound of a golf tournament on TV.

Another hour is spent frolicking with the kids before they head to bed like the Von Trapps. Krissy and I are that night's speakers at Freedom House's on-going revival meetings
(everyone takes turns since the City of God has been on fire for years now). We spend hours in the presence of God with our closest friends (and thousands of others).

After it's done, a small group of us get on a private jet and fly to Chicago for wings and late night live blues. Late night Krissy comes out in full force as we cackle our way home. Once Krissy crashes in bed... I sit silently on my porch, staring at the stars thanking God for being Him... and for my Robot maid who intuitively made me one more coffee. She's such a dear.

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