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14 August 2009

It's Sex Week and I'm square dancing!

"Welcome to Canada. Want some fudge?"
Steven Wright from Canadian Bacon

Good day eh from the Great White North you crazy sex weekers here from Matthew Paul Turner's blog! Here... try a Dixie Cup full of maple syrup. It's a home brew mixed with my very own igloo ice. Igloo sex is some good lovin' while were talkin' copulation.

I've been loving the frank, honest stuff being discussed on Sex Week at Jesus Needs New PR and it's an honor to be a part of it with my article today called "Sex is like Square Dancing". If you haven't been following it closely... let me give you some of the highlights.

You know what I LOVE about when Christians talk about sex... it's SUPER uncomfortable. We come at it with so many voices in our head. We've got what our mommies told us. What our childhood church said. What we actually think. What we think the Bible says. What the new hip Bible people are saying. What we actually do sexually. What we secretly want to do... and it's all SUPER uncomfortable to share because it's so sensitive and personal and other people think differently.

But who cares???

This is the nature our faith experience! Sex is a huge part of life so to keep it isolated and laced with shame is beyond irresponsible. We're called to work out our salvation together with God... and others! Sometimes I'm going to think you're a crackpot and sometimes you'll think I am. But as a house of living stones, we need each other to complete any picture, whether we're talking about sex or city transformation.

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Now... let me conclude with a dramatic reading of Canada's national poem

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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Dave, I really enjoyed your article on sex and square dancing.

We had to do square dancing for a week in junior high PE. Even though it was the only coed PE we had all year, there was still nothing that would've resembled sex about it...well maybe for some. It was awkward and horrifying, and no one could look each other in the eyes afterward :)

Dave Carrol said...

Thanks Matt... and I remember a similar gym class too... haha.

Actually my brother seems a bit mortified that I related our elderly aunt and uncle to sex too.


Tyler Charles said...


Thanks for linking to my site and my Sex Week article, "The Truth about Santa Claus and Sex."

And nice job on the Sex Week recap.

Jennifer said...

Dave -

Thanks for your comments about my praying for sex post on MPT's blog. Though I am not much of a jello fan, and I don't smoke, I might have craved a cigarette after finishing your metaphorical post.

I saw from your bio that you have one big ear that is trying to listen to God. While I couldn't tell which ear it was, if you're interested, I'd be happy to send you a copy of my book "Nine Ways God Always Speaks: Offer Not Available in All States."

It might not help you hear better, but it's guaranteed to loosen the wax a bit. If you want a copy, send your address to me at Jennifer @ my website url (firstnamelastname.com) and I'll drop a copy to you in the mail.

PS - Funny aside, I found your post through my husband who was looking for my post but didn't know where it was. He couldn't find it on Matthew's site and so he Googled it. He then found the link through your blog...

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