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21 August 2009

There's nothing quite like the feeling of making a bank teller laugh so hard other customers scowl at them.

I've had a crappy day today. Between no sleep, stupid squabbles, a smoking van, and a husky-voiced automated phone call telling me that my bank card may have been skimmed... it hasn't been one of my favorite days ever.

So I headed over to the bank to get my card replaced and walked up to the teller (did you know banks still have those?) who looked like she had been, what American Evangelists would call, "Baptized in Lemon Juice". Doesn't it suck that most customer service workers are usually miserable because of the moody customers they've had to deal with all day?

I'll answer for you. Yes it does suck.

So there we were... two moody people both about to do ANOTHER crappy thing that we didn't want to do in our crappy day. So I decided I'd go right into stand-up material.

I woke her up with a left jab bit about automated messages. She snickered reservedly. So I comboed up with a right cross about having to change my pin number for the first time since I was 13. She tried to put her head down to guard her growing giggles but I could see her bouncing up and down. Then I layed an uppercut smack down on her as we were going through my recent card uses and I recalled last night's trip to Lowe's to buy paint in a tornado!

BOOM! Laughter explosion!
Loud... long... and very very public

There is no better feeling in the world than pushing someone beyond the point of laughter restraint and then just keep feedin' them.

I left the bank and she was still laughing. I felt better... she felt better. Ahhh....
Laughing is nice. You can quote me on that.


Patti said...

That is AWESOME!!!! You must have some serious comedic powers. I thought bank tellers had no sense of humour at all.

Dave Carrol said...

Me too... I took it as a challenge.... and SUCCESS!

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