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27 September 2009

Freedom House TV Coming October 7th

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When I went to Broadcast College, I wrote my thesis on "The State of Christian Broadcasting around the world". When it came to really analyzing the effectiveness of it in North America... the short comings kept coming back to it being a one-way conversation, where people were spoken at, instead of engaged. Christianity is more than a theology, it's fullness is only ever experienced when people function together to "work out our salvation".

I've done Christian TV and radio... and both mediums, while effective at "sharing the gospel" their own way, rarely translate into people developing the type of "as iron sharpens iron" relationships that truly help us all learn and are necessary to "get" a big picture view of this world.

When Billy Graham began preaching on television, the choices of what people had on TV to watch that night were VERY limited. But times have changed DRASTICALLY. The social media movement has revolutionized day to day communication and shaken the relative status quo of media institutions for the first time in 50 years. The church as generally been slow to act... falling behind the communication trends, leaving it's message (that is the same one that started in Israel and viraly spread throughout the entire earth) feeling obsolete instead of vibrant.

Freedom House TV will have a number of components.

1) In our culture (often even to the most devoted) Sunday morning church attendance is not always possible. To those who aren't Christians, the idea of "giving up" their Sunday morning is not really even a question. The cultural habitual norm of getting up a Sunday morning to attend church (either willingly or unwillingly) is a minimum of one generation removed from our generation. Starting with the earliest apostles, The Message of Jesus... was always meant to be mobile and taken TO people. So the teaching done at Freedom House will be recorded as a video podcast and available online. If they can't make it on Sunday (or if they live ANYWHERE else in the world) we're going to encourage people to watch the teaching Monday or Tuesday when they have time because...

2) Wednesday evenings from 7-8 we're going to delve into topics like Cities, Sex, Politics, Culture, Art, Crime, along with the very latest of what's effecting the real lives of real people. Then we'll discuss together what role God plays in them, hopefully done in a way where we can also have some fun (I plan on doing Rick Mercer type rants along the way). It will be a live Internet broadcast with a moderated chat room (www.freedomhousetv.com ... NOTE: what's up right now is just a splash page, the real site will be released before we go live Oct 7th) where we will use the teaching from Sunday as the basis for what we hope is a spirited discussion where many different people with many different opinions and questions get the chance to work it out together... live as it happens.

3) When analyzing Christian broadcasting... I always used to say, "If only there was real way for a local church to actually make a real connection with real people. So when something legitimately touches someones heart, they can come to a real place and meet that real person to develop a real relationship." This model opens the door for just that. During the show, we are encouraging people to get together with other real people in their homes, at wifi coffee shops, at the church or watching the show live in the heart of the University Campus in Downtown Brantford with their laptops in hand... and discuss while they share where their dialogue is taking them with us on the main broadcast which serves as a hub for what's going on around town/the world. At the same time... we hope conversations, thoughts, truths are being posted to Facebook... on Twitter... on Blogs... so that even more can be welcomed into the dialogue. The cool thing about conversation going on on social media platforms... is that it's friends sharing with other friends sharing with other friends about what's going on in their mind/soul/spirit at that moment.

4) After the show... we're going to host an "after party" where we can all get together and turn the "virtual world" into real world relationships over coffee.

5) While our church (Freedom House) is located in Brantford... we won't be talking specifically about Brantford. The idea being that ANYONE ANYWHERE gets dive into the chat that is relevant for their context too. Someone in Toronto can gather their own friends who want to learn more about God... or even try to figure out what "those Christians" are really talking about. We hope that FHTV even becomes a tool to plant new Churches out of the relationships that will form from people who have common ground, collectively desiring the "what's REALLY true" of life.

Good Messages have always be viral. We hope that FHTV communicates the life that Jesus bring... both by the magnificence size of this world that God created... and that it facilitates it being effectively communicated through the flawed people (that's all of us) who He created in His image to spread it.

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Rob Hall said...

awesome idea guys. looks amazing.

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