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19 September 2009

Wedding days

Wedding days are beautiful days. It's ritual laced pageantry driven by habitual motions. But anxiously peeking out from behind the frills and fancies of "wedding"... is marriage.

When the bride and groom are confronted with vocalizing the realities of "covenant" to the great crowd of outside-gawkers, often-ne'er-do-well's and sometimes-talk-to's... it's a poignant thing.

"If I get sick... will you stick with me?"
"What if I loose my temper and say something awful to you... will you still be there when I wake up?"
"If we disagree... are we committed to working it out come hell or high water?"

They always say "I do" ... because they had already chosen it.

It's not that those who are about to eat the chicken and potatoes that you've carefully hired help in white costumes to cook en-masse aren't lovely. In fact most are. Well... some are. Some are just there out of responsibility. But covenant differs from responsibility and friendship. Covenant is sacred. Covenant is rich and poor. Good times and bad. Covenant is choosing to be "stay and fight" AND "slayed and layed down"... for the benefit of another.

It's... "always and forever before the Lord Thy God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob because I have chosen to continually choose raw, tough, passionate Godly love"

It's a pretty picture of Holy significance, stark realities and the celebration of it's glorious revelation on earth as it is in heaven. Wedding days are beautiful days. And the pictures say far more than a thousand words.

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