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25 September 2009

You Googled WHAT and found me?

Haven't done this in a while... but my fascination only grows at what people Google and wind up on my blog.

1. "youtube goat meat.com"

I like that not only did this hungry bushman want to find an entire website dedicated to goat meat... he wanted video of it too. In a related story...

2. "looking for white people eating fufu in ghana"

If there were a "white guy Fufu appreciation club" I'd join. Now... I did EAT goat meat in Fufu. In fact I met the goat I ate in Fufu once. In fact I ate THIS goat in fufu once. That was just before we threw him in the truck and butchered him. Mmm...

3. "what is in maple leaf gardens now"

All of my memories of Wendel Clark. Sniffle.

4. "why does my nipple move when im working out?"

My guess is that it's attached to your moobies... which is likely WHY you're working out big guy. Happy to help.

5. "toast template jesus"

What IS the etiquette when toasting the savior anyway? Do you use wine or water? Can you roast Jesus? If you did use a template, would you fall into vain repetition? This is more complex than it appears.

6. "the big ear helps you hear under three hundred hurts"

Is this a proverb about big ears? Gotta get me that book. I home its got drawings.

7. "my bedroom smells in the morning"

I wonder if this a confused/disgusted newlywed wife trying to piece together the actual consequences of what she's just chosen to wake up beside everyday.

8. "im love with bank teller"

Is that a roll of quarters in your pocket or...

9. "how do you sleep when our house is burning"

My advice is NOT to find new innovative ways to sleep in a burning house. Possibly adjust your Googling to "how to use a hose" ... or maybe ... "why not to fall asleep with a stogie in your mouth".

10. "hurley naked"

Previously on LOST

11. "what does fee fi fo fum mean?"

As googled by a puzzled Grandson while his "hip" 95 year old Grandfather clomps around the living room talking about smelling the blood of an Englishman.

12. "terrier identification picture"

Fortunately, Myrtle had Speckles terrier identification picture in her wallet. Unfortunately... Speckles was a poodle.

13. "my friends call me bubbles" & "mature man kissing dog"

Yep... these are my readers.


Patti said...

I REALLY have to get around to doing this on my blog. It makes me LAUGH!

Paul Wilkinson said...

Whenever I start poking around my blog stats, I discover that constantly, the number one post is one that I didn't write. Last week I wrote the guest author of that one and told her how many readers she has. Tends to keep me humble.

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