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30 October 2009

The genius of "Every Sperm is Sacred"

Every year or so... I get the hankering for a little "Every sperm is sacred". And thanks to the miracle of YouTube:

The fact this troupe of brilliant comics so astutely portrayed and created a scenario that masterfully painted the picture of the ridiculousness of religious dogmas... becomes more and more genius to me as the years go by.

When you're a kid, you think you're being edgy and bad by sneaking your first Monty Python movie... you just giggle at the increasingly creative penis slang and condom names. Then over time... when you realize that the issue they're taking the piss out of is a REAL one, you start thinking.

Then when, as an adult, and you've made one of the central parts of your life working to see Christians of all flavors come together to make actual impact... "every sperm is sacred" is exponentially more funny AND exasperating.

I mean on an entirely visceral level. I'm Graham Chapman. I'm a protestant. We've used birth control. I've rolled my eyes at little girls who sing...

"Let the heathen spill theirs
On the dusty ground.
God shall make them pay for
Each sperm that can't be found."

... well maybe not little girls but you get the point. But on the other hand, I'm Eric Idle (only a dude). Well... he was a dude too but... well you get the point. Because I think sex for pleasure AND procreation is good. On the other hand Graham Chapman makes me mad looking out the window tisking the the "Bloody Catholics". Maybe I'm like Michael Palin. He's devout... sold out. Heck sometimes the birthrate in our house feels like Terry Gilliam is breeding in it!

What's the result of this bizarre, purposefully exaggerated satirical scenario, aside from laughter? It's a classic painting of what happens when we let the "minors" of theology come between us and our brothers. It also depicts just how ludicrous making the gray areas of life the pillars of our faith can make our lives!

Excellent satire is not an easy thing to do. But "every sperm is sacred" is EXCELLENT satire.

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