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26 October 2009

I may have "The Piggy"

I know pork farmers don't like it... but to me H1N1 will always be "The Piggy".

Create your own FACEinHOLE

I was home sick today... but I hear that hospital's have quit testing for and diagnosing The Piggy since it's a pandemic (whatever that means). So I'm not sure I'd know if I had it even if I tried to find out... which I won't.

Although I have been oinking in my sleep and nosing around in the trash all day. I'm hungry... I think I'll have some bacon covered ribs for dinner.

As always... people have made too big a deal about a FLU. Just relax Wilbur... go read Charlotte's web. Watch Babe. Get married to a frog.

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Valorosa said...

This is a different flu ...
two healthy kids died just recently in Ontario.
It is still rare but, golly, kids don't usually die or end up in ICU from the flu.

Not the usual ... the flu usually kills the elderly.

If you are not going to get a shot then make sure you teach your children precautions and good hand washing. Stay away from someone who is sneezing and use a good alcohol based hand cleanser. Keep your hands away from your mouth and eyes. And again wash wash wash your hands.

My friend in paediatric ICU is seeing young ones with the H1N1 in the states too often for my comfort.

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