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29 October 2009

The innate need to cause a scene

This is the amazing new video from "Improv Everywhere" ... the group that brought you 200 people freezing simultaneously in Grand Central Station.

The troupe's slogan is "We cause scenes". Yeah... I can relate. Lord knows why, but causing a scene is just something I do whether I try to or not... so what are ya gonna do? It seems to be innate in me.

  • I once walked through Zehrs eating food as I went. Sat down on the floor by the milk, cracked open a box of Fruit Loops, poured 2% in it and ate it with my face as puzzled people stood and watched.
  • I once used my radio morning show to spring a covert game of ball hockey on our local mall. People showed up with goalie gear and nets and balls. We set up in the middle and played until we got kicked out.
  • I once walked around pantsless in another mall (the one our church is now in incidentally) while having a Mall Santa flirt with me, challenging merchants to "danceoffs" and frolicking in the fountain.
  • I once set up a stationary bike on a bike path and waved to on-coming bikers. Then I would challenge them to a race.

Aaannd many more. I can't help it. Ask my wife. I feel for her sometimes (not much but a little bit of courtesy feeling). Heck it's embarrassing for her to go through a Wendy's drive through with me because without thinking I try to turn asking for salt into a routine. I mean... I'm 33 and all these kind of videos do is give me new ideas on how to make even bigger, better and more creative and productive spectacles!

I could over-spiritualize this (and have) but for today... my brain is now elsewhere plotting. Mu ha ha...

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