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12 October 2009

Missed Sunday?

What a great Thanksgiving I had up North camping (I'll likely write more about it tomorrow). And one of the best things... is that now that Freedomhousetv.com is in full swing... I now get to catch up on the teaching at my church on Sunday.

Love to hear your comments/thoughts and we'll discuss it online at FHTV Wednesday Night.

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Valorosa said...

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke often of something he called the beloved community.
This was the title given to describe a reality in which freedom, love, justice, and reconciliation would reign.
In many ways this was a mainstream way for Dr. King to speak of the kingdom of God being advanced within a sin-filled world.

Today, there is still a need for the beloved community.
The question becomes, though,
“can there be a beloved community without a beloved church first?”

Another question to consider would be, “can there be a beloved church without beloved children of God in intimate relationship with God through Christ Jesus?”

These questions must be reflected on deeply if the church is to be a force of kingdom advancement in an increasingly multi-ethnic and multicultural world.

Efrem Smith

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