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1 October 2009

My Jesus Year

On Saturday I turn 33 years old. Typically when someones states their age, others seem compelled to make comments on how they feel about that number depending on their proximity to that age... but all starting with the word "Pft"

For example, I'm expecting a few of these:

Dave: "I'm 33 years old today"
Younger Person: "Pft... 33? I never want to get that old... you old fart"


Dave: "I'm 33 years old today"
Older Person: "Pft... 33? I remember back when I was 33... rookie"

It's funny that people never want to be the age they are... yet seemingly don't want to be other people's age either.

Lately in pop culture world, people have been calling someones 33rd year their "Jesus Year" because it was in Jesus 33rd year that He accomplished the most. It was a pretty busy year for the Savior actually... including saving mankind from eternal damnation. Pretty productive really.

The Urban Dictionary defines it this way... "The 33rd year of your life. Time to get moving and get things done (maybe). Ex: 'Next year is my Jesus year, I better stop drinking.'"

Since my wife jokingly said a couple weeks ago, "It's your Jesus year Dave", I've actually felt this way a bit. The people younger than me will roll their eyes, as will the people older than me... but I have been feeling the 'getting older' feeling for maybe the first time of late. My knees snap crackle and pop as a walk up and down stairs... yesterday I bought a sweater at SEARS because I felt like a goof browsing through racks of shirts with skulls on them and having to ask a 19 year old sales girl, "Am I too old to wear this?" I'll pass on grass thank you.

I was reading a bit about what Jesus did in his 33rd year and a few things stuck out.

  1. Jesus knew what His purpose was. He knew what was coming and told people about it. He had full knowledge of His purpose and made sure His disciples were ready and in place to carry out theirs once He had gone BECAUSE that was part of His purpose. It was brilliant.
  2. Jesus knew where, when, and why He was supposed to walk where He did. His steps were truly ordered of God and He got to Jerusalem at just the right time. The "by faith" part that we often interpret as "walking blindly" was actually, proceeding boldly on His mission having faith that His Father would do His part.
  3. Jesus repeatedly showed restraint (control over His emotions and words) so that they didn't distract Him or rob Him (or others) of His purpose and goal.
  4. He fulfilled His purpose exactly as God had planned... and how He Himself had spoken of.

There was nothing random, grassroots or organic about Jesus. Everything was a plan. It was all orchestrated by His Father. He knew the game plan. He knew what His JOB was. When Jesus let out a "It is finished" on the cross, there was such a Holy fulfillment of the plan and a rest from the work that He did in that isn't there?

I'm happy that I'm 33. It's a good age. I want MY plan and purpose to be even clearer this year... and I want to take some ground in that plan in my 33rd year. Aging doesn't bother me in the least. Age doesn't inherently equal wisdom... but when I'm around people older than me who have earnestly asked for wisdom, pressed on by faith and been real men who work at it for longer than me... I can see that they get stuff that I don't yet. But I want to. And I will.


Valorosa said...

Happy Birthday :-)

Yevonnie said...

Hello...I turned 33 yesterday. Thank you for the post. It was encouraging. Yeah...I'm in that place of sitting down and looking at my life. BTW, how did your 33rd year go?

Grace and peace...:)

CJSmith said...

Thanks for this post. I just became aware of the "Jesus Year" today and was inspired enough to set up a blog at http://www.jesusyear.info. Please check it out - any comments or thoughts you have would be appreciated.

M.C.T said...

I turn 33 today. This was great. Peace!

Siki said...

Thank you thank you thank you. I turn 33 on Sunday 08 May 2016...two days to go. I just found out about the Jesus year. And you explained it perfectly. I cant wait!!

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