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21 October 2009

Quite an interesting week so far!

It's been quite an interesting week so far! Here's the article on the front page of today's Brantford Expositor to tell (part of) the story.

Break-in won't stop church's webcast

CRIME: About $2,500 in electronic equipment stolen


Weeks after outfitting a little studio for a live streaming Internet talk show, Freedom House church was scrambling for equipment after a break and enter.

The thief or thieves stole the church's video camera, studio microphones, a still camera and a tripod, leaving behind a flat screen TV and a set of new lights. The break-in was discovered Sunday morning when church members went to pick up the camera to use during the worship service.

"We don't know how they broke in," said Dave Carrol, part of the leadership team at Freedom House, which meets in the downtown Market Square mall.

The studio area is separate from the church's other quarters on the lowest level. It's in a glass-fronted office right across from the Williams restaurant and the equipment that was taken was hidden away from prying eyes.

"The doors were locked when we arrived. So, whoever got in had a key or came in through the bowels of the mall," said Carrol.

He estimates the equipment is valued at about $2,500.

The church won't let the break-in hold it back. The group has borrowed equipment for tonight's one-hour webcast, which goes live at 7 o'clock.

"We basically take the teaching stuff from Sundays and make a discussion of it with phone ins and such. Our promo says that God has opinions on sex, politics and religion. It's really been a blast."

He said there have been about 500 hits on the website at www.freedomhousetv.com though the group only did two of the live streaming shows before being robbed.

Carrol... who has studied broadcasting, said he pondered the changes in how people communicate, bringing him and the church to the point they wanted to try using integrated social media to reach people.

"Everything is changing in how people are communicating and, for many, the first place they get information is from their computer. We've set up tables so we have a live studio audience with laptops who can blog as we're talking."

It's not the first time the church has been robbed.

A couple of years ago, while still in the "big blue house," as they called the building on Market Street that's now being renovated into affordable housing, Carrol said thieves broke in an took electronics and musical instruments and then trashed the building, spraying white powder from the fire extinguishers everywhere.

I go back and forth with how much the theft part bugs me. When we were robbed and had our church trashed last time on New Years eve, we had been delving into the idea of God being the "Lord of the Breakthrough" as we experienced more like a "break in". But out of the temporal inconveniences... God did good things and a few months after, we could see how He used something bad and turned it into good.

Tonight we're going on the air talking about "The Goodbye Generation". We're going to be tackling the reality that young people are leaving A) The Church and B) Their faith altogether in record numbers. We're going to discuss it six ways from Sunday from as many angles as we can... with the purpose of discovering what's really truth. What's real raw God... and what's just a silly surface layer of wrapping paper. And from 7-8pm... we want you to jump into the chat too.

But because of the thievery... we're going to be doing this thing with borrowed, inferior equipment (at least this week). The broadcaster in me will be squirming in my seat at the color temperature, the mic patterns, and what could be a choppy "show". But what Freedom House TV is... is not a show. God has reminded me repeatedly that what we're doing is about
A) Obedience (God said and we do) and B) Simply being real, honest, Christians and sharing the Jesus we know... where people are.

In worship services when the guitars are out of tune and the monitors just aren't right... worship leaders can either whine and ruin things for most people who don't notice a thing... or trust God to be God and worship. And in adversity... it's usually amazing. When you preach and your powerpoint malfunctions, you can either gripe at the tech guy, lament the quality of your laptop... or speak the words that God put on your heart FROM your heart. When you press through adversity... God gets to show Himself strong.

So tonight at 7pm ET... pray, participate and get your friends into the chat as well. What happened this week stinks for MANY including my friend who OWNS the equipment. Don't pray that the show to LOOK good. Pray that the spirit of God uses our feeble offerings to draw people to Him. This is why we're even bothering to run an internet TV wing ding in the first place! Because God DOES want to interact with our real everyday worlds... and we should have the courage to be public and real about it! Find where people are... share Jesus. So if we press through in obedience tonight... God MUST be ready to do something cool with it.

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