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13 October 2009


One thing that we have learned doing street ministry over the last number of years... is that a lot of people are working hard to run from God. They KNOW they have a Mother/Grandmother/Pastor/Friend somewhere praying for them. And it nags at them. Many people KNOW that there IS a God and that there is something deep inside them pulling them to Him. And it nags at them.

In high school when would go out drinking... often I'd run home at 1am after getting "nagged" by what I now acknowledge was the Holy Spirit to see if my Mom was still at home. I knew if anyone was going to be taken up... it was her. Most often I'd arrive home to find her in the living room rocking chair with her big ole study Bible open, pouring through it... praying for me. At the time it simply helped me breathe again knowing I could keep pissing life away... and still have time to make it all right when I was ready. But the internal nagging got worse.

When the supernatural "nagging" got really loud... and my heart raced because I could feel the tractor beam getting stronger... I told my now wife Krissy (who had volunteered to be my "listener" for a season) that I had once "done the God thing" but bailed because of hypocrites. She told me that once you tell God you want to know Him... He's not going to stop trying to draw you into a friendship with Him. Hebrews 6:4-6 agrees.

"Once people have seen the light, gotten a taste of heaven and been part of the work of the Holy Spirit, once they've personally experienced the sheer goodness of God's Word and the powers breaking in on us—if then they turn their backs on it, washing their hands of the whole thing, well, they can't start over as if nothing happened. That's impossible. Why, they've re-crucified Jesus! They've repudiated him in public!"

This morning I felt led to pray the word "Return". Coming home is a strong theme in the Bible. And there is great love, forgiveness and celebration that comes with a home coming. Saying... "I've tried it my way and I'm ready to let God be God" results in "no condemnation". It's such a beautiful thing when someone

I've been someone who has let the actions of dumb people, hypocrites, faulty church and more get between me and a free relationship with God. And ALL of those things are still there! And now I get the opportunity to be that dumb person, the chief of sinners, and a leader in an imperfect church! But there is a reason for it all... because it all leaves us in NEED of salvation. We need saving! We need to
LET God to be God and LET Him show us a sliver of the divinity our soul is longing for. And then... we get to touch it.

In the National Post yesterday... I read AGAIN how the church in China is thriving and in Canada is struggling for relevance and gasping for life. Same church. Same God. Same dealio. And I'm not OK with that. Do we need to "return" to a religion that has gotten stale? No sir. We need to let ourselves return to the creator of life itself... and spend time getting to really know Him.

One of the many reasons we're doing Freedom House TV is to give "returners" who are being "nagged" a jumping in point. A place to ask questions. To let it be an encouragement to begin to pray again. It's also going to be a smiling face on screen... that you can actually meet. Anyone who you'll see on FHTV (including me) are real people who would love to help you find the way to "return". It's so easy... it's so liberating... and it kicks off a party in Heaven AND on Earth.

PS... you won't believe how hard your praying Grandmother/Mother/Pastor/Friend can hug.

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Valorosa said...

Perhaps A.W. Tozer has well captured the reality of this emerging generation:

"If song could be worn out, we have worn out the same old song, "Revive us again, fill each heart with Thy love.” We have sung that one and nobody means it, nobody will pay the price. Our mistake is that we want God to send revival on our terms. We want to get the power of God into our hands, to call it to us that it may work for us in promoting and furthering our kind of Christianity. We want to still be in charge, guiding the chariot through the religious sky in the direction we want it to go, shouting, "Glory to God”. It is true, but modestly accepting a share of the glory for ourselves in a nice inoffensive sort of way. We are calling on God to send fire on our altars, completely ignoring the fact that they are our altars and not God's."

If enough influential Christians will rethink this whole thing and turn to the New Testament for guidance, there may yet come a new birth of revival among us. These leaders must see that the believer's true ambition should not be success but saintliness. They must see they are not called to imitate the world, but renounce it, and that publicity is no substitute for the power of the Holy Ghost.

Randy DeMain

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