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24 October 2009

Simplicity is NOT the goal

Simplicity is not the goal. Neither is complexity. Neither is calm or ease. Neither is wealth and influence. Neither is organic and grassroots. Neither is giant and structural.

Transformation is the goal.

The transformation of lives and cities is the goal.

Brian Heasley is very cool cat, from the 24/7 movement, living in and serving the party island of Ibiza. It's worth taking 6 minutes to check out his story here.

Over the last couple of years... he and his community decided that they were going to give communal living a go. They bought a farm in the hills outside of the chaos and tried living simply. Growing their own food... little in the way of modern amenities... as they say on Gilligan's Island "like Robinson Crusoe, as primitive as can be". The had a number of reasons, not the least of which was to provide a place that they could come together like Acts 2 and give an escape place to help weary party people. They did it for right reasons.

Well it didn't work out liked they hoped it would and they are moving back into town... back into their own homes. Brian blogged an awesome blog yesterday about many of the struggles of living communally (check out the whole thing here). This is my favorite point...

"Communal living mixed with simple living can add pressure. Actually living simply is very difficult, we need to remember that the industrial revolution happened for a reason! The reason some people, Shane Clairborne included, can live simply is because some people don't live simply, they work real hard and help provide for other people and ministries to exist. Rich people invest in kingdom initiatives all around the world and without them people couldn't try to plant communities in tough places. Give the rich a break."

Point being... simplicity in itself is NOT the goal. The goal is transformation. It requires a "Both AND" attitude... not an "either or" attitude. As a visionary/leadery type... I get personally exhausted with being told the church needs to be "grassroots and organic" and that planning and structure is wrong. And vice versa I'm sure. Who's right? BOTH! Unless you think that your way is the only right way. Then YOU'RE wrong. Or if you're not actively finding a way to use your method to further facilitate the ministry of the other way... then YOU'RE in the wrong again.

It's the nature of "the body" of Christ.

By the way... if you're in the Brantford area... we're launching into another 24/7 Prayer week the first week of November. Sign up for your hours here (please note... you need to physically be IN the prayer room)

1 comment:

Valorosa said...

Hung out with hippies when I was young and I really hope Jesus is not a hippie. ;-)

Is transformation really the goal?

I think love is the goal Dave.

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