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28 October 2009

Stop helping God across the road like a little old lady

Faith and Hope require far more exercise to work properly than we give them. They aren't dainty birthday candle wishes. They are quite rough and tumble actually. A pair heavy duty walking shoes.

In their song "Stand up Comedy" U2 wrote:
"I can stand up for hope, faith, love But while I’m getting over certainty Stop helping God across the road like a little old lady"

Last night was our church's weekly prayer and worship meeting. We've been doing it pretty much every week since we planted Freedom House 5 years ago. There are other times in the week where we do community work, teach, party, and the rest. But one night a week... we simply practice walking and talking with the invisible man in the sky.

Before we started last night, Brian posed a question about why more Christian's lives aren't based around actually hearing the voice of God and responding. Why has man's reasoning abilities crept subtly into (and often over-taken) our paid-with-a-price admission to have council with The King?

I'm sure there are many answers. But I think one is that we think it's too hard... too far off and exclusive. Hearing God is for "Bibley People". We wonder how a rational person could make decisions based on faith and hope. The closest we ever hear, is when someone says that they are "following their gut".

But I wonder if this perception prevails because of a false understanding of God. An imagined character of God whom we have to help across the road like a little old lady. Legitimate Faith and Hope, the kind that stirs inside a man so strongly that it MUST be the driving force in life, only happens when we walk and talk with the originator and dispenser of these so desired attributes. It's stunning to most (
when it happens for the first time) how actually engaging God in conversation... turns Him from the invisible man in the sky into the "closer than a brother" that the Bible talks about.

Last night... I took to God some real life situations that my family is going through. I talked to God, not guarded and politely like a little old lady... but as a friend who knows me and actually wants to talk (or even scrap) it out. And He responded back to me, without using patronizing kiddie language... but exactly what the truth was... in the way that I needed to hear it whether I liked it or not! It was truth that set me free... releasing the active Faith and Hope that I needed for today to be able to live confidently and correctly.

Faith and Hope aren't wishes. They require activity... dialogue... sometimes shouting... contending... and proceeding.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see


Anonymous said...

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Mike Schultz said...

Yes, faith and hope are substance and evidence. Good post

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