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18 October 2009

Time is on your side

There was a time when I couldn't just BE. Tonight I spend an hour, in pretty darn close to silence, on my front porch, in the crisp fall night... and it was lovely. Silent prayer and reflection IS one of the finer things in life. When you persist in silence and give the time and space to push through the thoughts of the day... when what you think about is God... it's worship that slips out of you. Because it's what is in us.

After about 45 minutes... when I was just about ready to come inside to see the Dodgers get pummeled by the Phillies... a few whispers of "40" started to fall from my lips. And it was like honey.

"I waited patiently for the Lord. He inclined and heard my cry. He brought me up out of the pit. Out of the miry clay. I will sing... sing a new song. How long to sing this song?"

Being a part of 24/7 Prayer weeks has helped me discipline myself to wait. To press though visceral things... into the deeper waters. When you're alone in a prayer and you know that you've committed to being there for an hour (or more) ... there is time to get real and raw with yourself. The reality is that there is ALWAYS time.

Saturday night, I got together with some of the other national leaders of the Canadian 24/7 Prayer team... and we prayed. God's given us some exciting vision for our home and native land and we're all anxious to "make it happen". The moment we started listening, I heard God say... "Time is on your side". Another in the room was led to the word "Shalom" meaning "Nothing missing. Nothing broken". We were put in a place of peace, being reminded that we don't make things happen... we LET things happen.

There IS time to be still and know that He is God. There is a place of honestly and reality. Genuine worship DOES spill out of even the most scurried of lives. And it's never as far off as it feels sometimes.

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