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22 October 2009

When a bloody sock is more than a bloody sock

One of the most vivid memories for baseball fans in the last decade was the 2004 Boston Red Sox World Series win after nearly a hundred years of futility. Curt Schilling's bloody sock game was the only baseball storyline I've ever seen my wife get legitimately "into". As we were watching the game she, (as she likes to retell the story) actually noticed it before I did. Curt is now retired and a very active blogger. Check out what he wrote yesterday about how he remembers that day:

I made it through seven innings, and when I was done, I sat on the bench. I’ve often talked about the spiritual experience that entire two-week period was, and after I came out of this game it really hit me hard.

I had prayed hard, never once to “win” but just to be able to compete. I couldn’t do that in Game 1 because in a spiritual and physical sense I had tried to “go it alone.” Before Game 2 I had prayed with Mike Timlin and Tim Wakefield, and I prayed ONLY for the ability to compete. I prayed for that with the belief that with the eight guys playing behind me, and my ability to pitch, I could beat them on one foot if I could just compete.

Looking back on it five years later, it was a much more meaningful event from a faith and spiritual standpoint than from a performance standpoint. I am proud of what we did that night, but I am far more excited about what I was able to experience in my relationship with Christ that night. I knew, postgame, when I started the press conference off by thanking the Lord and the entire media contingent rolled its eyes, how they were going to report it. Whatever they did, I knew they couldn’t come close to conveying what I had experienced.

I love the stories behind stories... especially when it comes to Christians who are attempting to do "the will of God" because it's the things that aren't always visible that mean the most. On that day, a bloody sock that everyone saw... just pointed to a God who wants to reveal Himself in us through our obedience.

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