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25 November 2009

Home for Christmas

I'm a people watcher. Today after scarfing down a synthetic Taco Bell something or other, I walked the mall and exercised my "staring problem". Today what I saw were people searching for what we know as "Home".

There were people I've been... like the sleep deprived new parent walking halls, just happy to be around other adults and relishing the chance to change a diaper in a new exotic location. There were people I've not yet been... like the gang of old men in hats, desperately trying to make their small coffee last as possible so that their camaraderie could linger.

What I saw was a vast array of different people... who, at the end of the day, all want to be locked in, away from the coldness, sitting contently with someone who loves them. We've dubbed this feeling as being called "home" but that words seems to be fairly unique to our culture.

"Home is an English word virtually impossible to translate into other tongues. No translation catches the associations, the mixture of memory and longing, the sense of security and autonomy and accessibility, the aroma of inclusiveness, of freedom from wariness that cling to the word ‘home' and are absent from ‘house' or even ‘my house.' Home is a concept, not a place; it's a state of mind where self-definition starts. It is origins, a mix of time and place and smell and weather wherein one first realizes one is an original; perhaps like others, especially those one loves; but discreet, distinct, not to be copied. Home is where one first learned to be separate, and it remains in the mind as the place where reunion, if it were ever to occur, would happen. All literary romance, all romance epic, derives from the Odyssey and it is about going home. It's about rejoining; rejoining a beloved, rejoining parent to child, rejoining a land to its rightful owner or rule. Romance is about putting things aright after some tragedy has put them asunder. It is about restoration of the right relations among things. And ‘going home' is where that restoration occurs, because that's where it matters most."

- Bart Giamatti, Former Professor of Comparative Literature, Former President of Yale University, Former Commissioner of Major League Baseball

There often seems to be quite the dichotomy in how North Americans react during the Christmas season. We're quite Pavlovian with the Christmas frills, in how it triggers "Home". Some find it cheap considering the treasured value of finding "Home". A principled stand yes... almost so "principled" that forgets just how many of us are lonely and longing for even a sniff of something that feels RIGHT.

“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”
- Maya Angelou

Taking a step back and a deep breath reminds me that heaven is my home... and that Jesus charge to me is pray and work for our earth to be like it. It's true that we must be careful not to salivate at the wrong bells. In my youthful arrogance, there have been too many times I've begrudged others their "home" under my own restless colored banner. One day all of our earthly "stands" will just fade away and the "home" that we get tastes of here and there will be in full.

"The galaxies will burn up and the elements melt down that day—but we'll hardly notice. We'll be looking the other way, ready for the promised new heavens and the promised new earth, all landscaped with righteousness."
2 Peter 3

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