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19 November 2009

A letter to non-believers

Yesterday in Esquire magazine... they gave Shane Claiborne a chance to write an open letter to non-believers. It's all pretty darn excellent, but these are my favorite parts.

The more I have read the Bible and studied the life of Jesus, the more I have become convinced that Christianity spreads best not through force but through fascination. But over the past few decades our Christianity, at least here in the United States, has become less and less fascinating. We have given the atheists less and less to disbelieve

Last week, we walked around downtown with our eyes and ears open. I challenged them to let God show them how they could change the city a little bit in one hour. What they came up with was that they needed to actually find a way to get to know people in the downtown... so that the nameless characters on the street would go from "a little scary" to someone who (as Claiborne wrote) "would be hard to enjoy heaven without"

Awesome. That's distinct right there. So tomorrow night we fire up the free downtown BBQ machine again and Flippin' Friday returns. That's fascinating Christianity.


lyn said...

I love Shane Claiborne! My son gave me his book, Irresistible Revolution which I read this summer thinking I'd breeze through it, but had to stop at every page to digest all the profound statements he was making. They floored me. I mean any guy who would get on a plane and head INTO Baghdad during the war to bring peace and stand by the innocents being bombed is one amazingly selfless guy! He just wants to be Jesus in this world with no 'religion' added. Thanks for all you do Dave to remind us of what we should be about.

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